Space Flute 

    Jim Gilliland's Native American River Cane, Bamboo and Wooden Flutes

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The only Flute maker to have a flute played in outer space

A black River Cane Flute that was carried aboard  Shuttle Flight STS-113 in 2002 and played on the International Space Station by Former NASA Astronaut, Commander USN (retired) John B. Herrington. John played Amazing Grace on the flute. John donated the flute to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. 

    Flute on display at Museum        Flute floating in Space Station


    Flute with NASA Certificate       John & Flute floating in space


Cane Flute & Eagle Feather that John Carried into space on Shuttle Flight STS-113 in 2002


Contact Jim at  or 256-829-2328