Jim Gilliland's Native American River Cane, Bamboo and Wooden Flutes

        Contact Jim about his flutes at  256-829-2328  or  jgflutes@aol.co

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Native American Dance Regalia, Dresses, Ribbon Shirts, Bags, Sashes,  & other items.    www.thetradeblanket.com

 Oregon Flute Store another source for Jim's Flutes. http://oregonflutestore.com/home/of1/smartlist_69/river_cane_or_bamboo_flutes_by_james_gilliland

Ron Warren's music. Ron uses Jim's River Cane Flutes. http://www.ronwarrenmusic.com/links.html

International Native American Flute Association          http://worldflutes.org/

The Alabama Gold Camp for Gold Prospecting in Alabama. www.alabamagoldcamp.com 

 The Native Flute Woodworking Forum       http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nativeflutewoodworking/ 

 Native American Flute Tabular Music & Playing tips   http://www.flutetree.com/

Earth Advocates Research Farm,  Adam & Sue Turtle,  Bamboo 

30 Myers Road                 http://www.growit.com/Bamboo/   
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38483-7323  USA
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